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Content Marketing

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Leverage Our 3rd Party Credibility To Strengthen Your Brand

Our specialized content creation enhances your business's distinctiveness and strategically disseminates it across platforms where your clientele actively engage. These channels encompass social media, email campaigns, programmatic advertising, our website, and the esteemed Concierge Preferred Magazine. The inherent third-party credibility associated with our brand serves as a potent catalyst for amplifying your narrative and offers a distinctive avenue to elevate your business.


Explore the potential of our content marketing program, meticulously designed to drive higher foot traffic, engage local demographics, and capture the attention of event planners and organizers.

Why We Are Different: 

Our word is stronger than your word: an article from us that talks about your business in a positive way is exponentially more powerful and believable than an article from you about your business.

Typical digital agencies can’t deliver: most agencies just focus on distributing your ads and linking them to your landing page. They can’t provide a platform like Concierge Preferred with which to tell your story.

Local knowledge: we’ve been operating in Chicago’s visitor  market since 2001 and fully understand the nuances of this market including location, audience and people.

Custom programs: we create a strategy that meets your needs including the right content, medium, budget, and audience.

Expert storytelling: our talented team of storytellers will craft a unique piece of content that will excite readers and drive them to your business.

Our Content Marketing Channels

  • Chicago Weekender - a premier weekly newsletter tailored to the interests of 20,000 subscribers seeking the best activities and experiences the city has to offer.

  • Concierge Preferred - the exclusive hotel visitor publication that holds a commanding presence in the Chicago hospitality scene. With an annual distribution of 375,000 copies, published quarterly, and complemented by our dynamic online platform, this esteemed publication guarantees unparalleled visibility.

  • Websites -, an avenue to captivate the local audience, and, strategically designed to resonate with event planners and organizers.

  • Chicago Does - a rapidly expanding digital realm with captivating video content. Garnering a dedicated following of approximately 10,000 enthusiasts on both TikTok and Instagram, this platform promises to elevate your brand's reach and resonance.

  • Concierge Preferred on Facebook - Content focused, our engaging channel has amassed an impressive following of 24,000 devoted followers.

  • Programmatic advertising - content sent to a targeted audience. Whether it's reaching visitors, meeting and event planners, or the local community, our distribution channels ensure your message is delivered to the right people at the right time.

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Concierge Preferred Magazine Distribution


of Chicago’s concierges say that visitor magazines are the top resource**


of 18-24 age group use travel guides & brochures*


of people ask for a recommendation once they are here*

*Source: The International Association of Visitor Information Providers & Bentley University, Center for Marketing Technology Survey, 2018   -  **Source: Concierge Preferred Survey

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As a proud product of Ateema, Concierge Preferred is dedicated to inspiring visitors to Chicago to love our city and our clients just as much as we do.

With our unparalleled passion and expertise, we present our audience with an overview of experiences that will leave an indelible mark on their memory.


*print only


*print only

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