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Concierge Preferred Magazine

A Primary Tool

Concierge Preferred Magazine is the primary tool used by Chicago’s hotel concierge and guest services teams for serving their guests. In fact, it’s literally the only visitor magazine available in Chicago’s hotels and is renowned for its content and its maps.


Visitors use Concierge Preferred Magazine because they see it as a local, expert voice that they can use to verify the quality of their online research about things to do. They see it as having great maps that ensure their travels are efficient and safe. They see it as a quick tool to get inspiration for things to do in Chicago that is more reliable and efficient than online research. The benefit to hospitality businesses is that your ad or article will be seen by active visitors, seeking information about things to do in Chicago that are worthy of their time and money.

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Why We Are Different: 

Concierge Preferred Magazine

  • We are the only visitor magazine in Chicago’s hotels - as a result, we distribute every magazine that we print which means we optimize reach for our clients like you.

  • We reach active visitors looking to spend - our readers have left their hotel rooms and are actively seeking ideas on where to spend their time and money. They are looking for expert advice from concierges, guest services professionals, and our writers.

  • We know the hotel concierges and guest services teams - our Concierge Ambassador visits hotels to strengthen relationships, ensure the magazine is being distributed, and to gain ideas for editorial. Our Concierge Advisory Council is comprised of top level concierges that provide us with insight and expertise.

  • Chicago experts - we highlight advice from our concierge community and we’ve been publishing Concierge Preferred Magazine since 2001.

  • Highly portable - our magazine is about the size of a number ten envelope, the perfect fit for the active visitor’s pocket or purse.

Concierge Preferred Magazine Distribution


of Chicago’s concierges say that visitor magazines are the top resource**


of 18-24 age group use travel guides & brochures*


of people ask for a recommendation once they are here*

*Source: The International Association of Visitor Information Providers & Bentley University, Center for Marketing Technology Survey, 2018   -  **Source: Concierge Preferred Survey

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As a proud product of Ateema, Concierge Preferred is dedicated to inspiring visitors to Chicago to love our city and our clients just as much as we do.

With our unparalleled passion and expertise, we present our audience with an overview of experiences that will leave an indelible mark on their memory.


*print only


*print only

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