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Local Marketing

Unlock Local Advertising Success With Ateema

Our approach seamlessly integrates the proven impact of digital, programmatic, email, and social media marketing with engaging online content and captivating social reels on TikTok and Instagram. These strategies have consistently delivered success to numerous small and mid-sized hospitality businesses and serve as your roadmap to meaningful results, including enhanced local visibility, stronger community connections and word-of-mouth, a reputation that resonates with your audience, and improved business.

We're dedicated to delivering tangible results for small to mid-sized hospitality businesses seeking to thrive in their local markets.

Services We Provide

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Digital Marketing

We leverage cutting-edge technology to analyze your local customer traffic and trends, identifying opportunities to optimize your spend. Our targeted advertising solutions, including programmatic and social media campaigns, reach a diverse local audience, from residents and high-rises to office buildings and even your competitors' customer base. We employ cost-effective tactics to maximize your budget and results, while providing comprehensive reporting to ensure you achieve the ROI you deserve. Click the 'Learn More' button below to discover our advanced customer traffic analysis tool and a range of digital strategies to boost your business."

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ChicagoDoes Social Video

A social media channel that provides video content highlighting the best things to do in and around Chicago. Our media team is well-versed in the world of social media videos. You can purchase a reel on ChicagoDoes and we can also produce video for your social media channels.

ChicagoDoes can be found on TikTok and Instagram, has over 60,000 followers and reaches an average of 45,000 viewers per video.

Click the "learn more" button below to learn more about our content, how to get involved, and view our content.

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Faces of Chicago Hospitality

An exclusive digital marketing initiative spotlighting the exceptional talents within Chicago's vibrant hospitality sector. This comprehensive multimedia program includes a dedicated website, an extensive programmatic advertising campaign, social media engagement, email outreach, and an exclusive coffee-table book, enhancing the overall value.

Our program stands apart as it is accessible by invitation only, with a strict limit of one participating company per business category.

Click the "learn more" button below to learn about our campaign strategy and the categories covered.

Our Proven Process

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Discovery & Analysis

Your Ateema representative will ask you the right questions to understand your pain points then analyze your situation with our team of experts.

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Based on our team’s analysis of your pain points, we’ll create a recommendation leveraging our products and services to connect you with the right audiences.

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Our Partner Success Team will then implement the recommendation you agree to with an emphasis on results, and keeping it easy for you.

Not sure where to begin?

Reach out to us and kickstart your personalized marketing strategy today! Simply fill out the form below to get in touch.

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