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Faces of Chicago Hospitality

“It’s About The Visionaries, Leaders, and Doers Who Make Chicago's Heart Beat.”

Faces of Chicago Hospitality is a digital marketing program celebrating the leaders behind Chicago’s world-class hospitality scene and a highly exclusive honor for those fortunate enough to be involved. This program will help others know that you and your company are at the top of your game, especially in your business category. It will elevate your brand, your business, and your people.

​Being named the "Face of" a specific category brings ample benefits. Not only will this program drive business for you, but it will also personify your brand, position you and your business as leaders, and give you high-end, brand-elevating content to share with your prospects and customers. It will also keep your competitors out of your specific category.

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Key Elements

  • Exclusivity - participating companies are the only businesses featured in their specific business category

  • Digital advertising - we’ll promote the program through an estimated 6.5 million digital impressions throughout the annual campaign. Tactics include programmatic, social, digital, email, and website marketing.

  • Upscale - our readers live in upscale zip codes and spend money on hospitality

  • Coffee table quality magazine - has high-end design quality and paper stock with a distribution of 30,000 and an estimated readership of 100,000.

  • Badge - you get an exclusive badge as the owner of your category to market through your website, newsletters, and social media.

  • Website article - features your profile with a unique link for you to share. Check out

  • Digital magazine - a digital version of our magazine is available here, and all of our articles are published on our website,

  • Faces Party - celebrate with the other Faces over great food and cocktails. 


Faces of Chicago Hospitality is the ultimate guide to the vibrant hospitality scene in our world-class city. Discover the stories behind the visionaries, leaders, and doers who make Chicago's heart beat. From iconic Chicago favorites to innovative businesses, we've curated an exclusive treasure trove of content filled with top-notch restaurants, entertainment, tours, and more. This program represents the best in each business category.

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30,000 high-end, coffee table-style books printed on high-quality stock. Distributed to upscale homes. Also distributed to Chicago’s downtown hotels, apartment, and condo buildings. Estimated readership of 100,000.

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Digital Distribution Marketing

Over 6.5 million digital impressions including email newsletters, direct to consumer emails, programmatic advertising, website, and social media advertising.

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Not sure where to begin?

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